Hydra Billing System

Launch New Convergent Services and Reduce Time-to-Market

Charge everything

Convergent online real-time Rating, Charging and Invoicing

Work magic with marketing tools

Maximize revenue and satisfy customer demand with individual automated marketing

Track equipment down to ports

Manage equipment inventory of any vendor and all sorts of addresses

Process payments smoothly

Payment gateway with 30+ payment options. Recurring payments via credit cards and direct debit

Level up self-care experience

Let your customers manage their subscriptions, download invoices and pay online via the Self-Care Portal

Care about your partners

Automate your resellers' operations with the tools to manage their customers and run predefined reconciliation reports

Hydra's Revenue Generating Features

Rating, Charging and Billing
Versatile rating engine rates usage events for any telecom and digital services: broadband, TV, OTT, subscription-based services, telephony, IoT, and more.

Realtime prepaid and postpaid charging and provisioning schemes: Hydra keeps subscriber account balance up-to-date and transmits connection and disconnection messages to the Provisioning module immediately.

Fully customizable templates of tax and pro forma invoices and credit notes. Automated invoices printing and sending.
Marketing Tools
  • Fixed and flexible bundled plans
  • Dynamic price changes
  • Customer base segmentation
  • Loyalty programs
  • Discounts and promos
  • Flexible charging schemes
  • Individual price plans
Provisioning and Mediation
Provisioning module manages customer's access to provider's services through various equipment or software platforms.

Mediation engine preprocesses usage data (CDR and UDR) for any telecom and subscription-based service. Individual and bulk processing of usage data easily handles the load generated by hundreds of thousands and millions of subscribers.

Provisioning features:

  • Vendor agnostic: integrates seamlessly with any hardware and software platform
  • Supports time intervals, child profiles, profiles based on service status for customer and equipment
  • CPE authentication and authorization through own AAA & DHCP servers
  • Tracks both CPE and provider equipment down to port
  • All sorts of addresses (MAC, IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, IMSI, PON Serial)
All payment methods existing on Earth: credit cards, direct debit, cash, vouchers, wire transfers with automated recognition, and more.

Recurring payments (saved credit card and direct debit details): better customer experience, less past due invoices, easier to up-sell, harder to churn

Temporary and permanent credit limits for better customer onboarding and loyalty.

Multi-currency: payments accepted in any currency.

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Subscriber Self-Care
Even with default settings, a Self-Care Portal allows your customers to solve many tasks on their own without calling tech support:
  • Change price plans
  • Manage subscription to services
  • Pay for services
  • Set recurring payment from credit cards
  • Track account balance
  • Download invoices in PDF
  • Order detailed statements of payments and provided services
Automated Customer Care for Your Partners
  • New partner onboarding
  • Access isolation: partner is able to view only the customers assigned to them
  • Payment acceptance by partners
  • Automated online commission reconciliation between you and your partner
  • Subscription management and troubleshooting of customers assigned to your partners
  • View subscriber account data
  • Process customer requests and tickets
  • Build reports
Reports and Analytics
Hydra will render your reports straightforward and transparent for making efficient, strategic decisions.

  • Reports constructor
  • Custom reports
  • Custom reports templates
  • Manager's dashboard
  • Preset reports

    Reliability and Security

    Adjustable permissions and roles
    Hot standby database
    Revenue Assurance and Fraud Prevention
    Autonomous AAA/RADIUS server

    Business Processes Automation

    Automate your order execution flow
    Hydra OMS uses a BPM engine that performs all the business tasks. Modify any business process on the fly — the changes are effected immediately for all new orders.
    Build powerful business process models
    Design your business processes with ISO standardized BPMN 2.0 compatible visual editor. Set up SLA escalation notifications, branches and conditions for your process flow and integrate other software via API.
    Provide your employees with a user-friendly process execution wizard
    The sweetest Hydra feature is the configurable Process Execution Wizard. Your employees do not need to remember all the complex process schemes. They just have to launch the wizard, input the necessary data and press the Next button.

    Billing Solutions for Any Service Provider

    Explore Hydra Billing Features for Free
    We bet you 10-to-1 that Hydra Billing System addresses all the challenges you face when launching a new product or connecting new equipment. We have enriched Hydra with a solution to every complaint our customers present with.
    Pre-integrated popular equipment, software and services
    Changing of business logic at run-time
    Ready-to-use price plans
    High staff learning rate
    Standard marketing automation solutions
    Lowering staff qualification requirements
    Individual UI settings for standard operations
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