How to Buy Hydra Products and Services

Buy Hydra software on Cloud, SaaS, or on-premise.
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Billing system

Launch new convergent services and reduce time-to-market

Provisioning and Mediation

Manage customer's access to services and process usage data

Hydra OMS

Automate your order execution flow and build powerful business process models

Automation services

Streamline your business processes and improve your customer service with our expertise
How to Buy Hydra

Four Steps to Becoming a Hydra Customer

Preliminary Research ››
Tech Diagnosis ››
Proposal ››
Please fill out the questionnaire in as much detail as possible. You will need the help of your applications engineer.
2 to 3 days
Details and Presentation
We will call or email you for details for getting started.
2 to 3 days
Technical Workshop
You will receive a quotation for your introduction of Hydra billing.
2 to 3 days
Our Implementation team will examine your tech documentation required for integration with Hydra and compile the list of works to be done. Each customer is unique and we study each case in depth.
1-2 weeks
We will provide a preliminary budget estimate and timeline of your project and recommend the hardware configuration if you prefer an on-premise version. We will make a presentation of the proposal to you in which we will explain every project component in detail.
2-5 days
We will discuss the project, timeline, terms, budget and other key points.
Timing depends on you
Pre-Sale Tech Research
Ballpark Quotation
Our party of engineers and BPM experts will conduct a survey remotely or on-site to explore every tiny detail significant to project implementation.
1-2 weeks
After completing the meeting-research stages, we will offer you the final quotation, discuss the contract terms and complete the paperwork.
Timing depends on you
Remote or On-Site Survey
Final Quotation and Agreements
Our project team will install, configure and integrate all the modules with external systems and hardware. Moreover, data migration is performed. If developers need to be involved, they do their part of the job simultaneously.
4-9 months
We will check the quality and performance of each module and integration individually and the system as a whole. When everybody agrees that everything works properly, it is time to launch.
2-5 days
Voilà: Hydra has been introduced into service.
One night
Testing and Acceptance

Fill in the Questionnaire to Start the Journey

For Telecom Service Providers

For Non-Telecom Service Providers

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