Product Catalog
and Marketing Tools

Product Catalog helps you build, launch and manage all types of services, resources, offers, and bundles, serving as a source of master data for all OSS/BSS components.
Reduce time-to-market of new offers to a single day
Integrate Product Catalog with your OMS or existing billing system
Use pricing hierarchy and bundled discounts to boost your revenue
Product Catalog and Marketing Tools

Product Catalog Features

Product Catalog Features

Service and price plan management

Define building blocks for your products and offerings, and configure their attributes and dependencies

Inventory and resource management

Create and manage material or intangible resources such as CPEs, access tokens, IP addresses, or phone numbers, and use them for creating products and offerings

Pricing hierarchy and marketing tools

Set up individual prices and promos for different segments of your customer base. Launch new offers rapidly with Hydra's ready-made marketing automation tools

Supported services

Hydra's Product Catalog supports typical telecom services as well as general subscription-based and one-off services

Service and Price Plans Management

To prevent mess, use Hydra as an authoritative source of master data in complex setups with multiple modules, with each carrying a specific product catalog.

Information about plans and services is replicated from Hydra to all systems requiring such data.

Manage services and plans

Ready-to-use service templates
Regular recurring and one-off services
Quotas and time intervals support
Custom plans such as burstable billing
Dependencies between services and resources

Source of master data

Inventory and Resource Management

Use Product Catalog with Inventory to put in order the physical and logical resources of your network. Track customer and provider equipment down to a single port.

Manage Equipment and Addresses

Set up the attributes of equipment such as installation address, GPS coordinates, reseller ID, or any custom fields.
Configure various equipment models via the web interface. Equipment may include a specification such as a set of ports of different types.
Define resources used by the equipment: IP addresses, IMSI, phone numbers, VLAN, etc.

Easy Integration

Inventory module creates and manages equipment based on the specification previously defined in the Product Catalog.
Hydra provides API for integrating Product Catalog with warehousing ERP modules and quotation-generating business processes in Hydra OMS.
Check out the Hydra Billing System Datasheet to learn how it works technically

Pricing Hierarchy and Marketing Tools

Hierarchical Customer Base Segmentation

Segments can be based on geography, customer type, or any other criteria
Pricing is inherited from parent to child segments but can be overridden
The same service can be offered at different prices for different segments
Per-segment offerings can be limited in time
The minimum segment size is one customer

Bundled Plans

Provide your customers with bundled discounts when they subscribe to multiple services
Hydra automatically provides a discount based on predefined rules when a customer subscribes to a set of services
Fixed, flexible (dynamic) and semi-flexible bundles available

Loyalty Programs

Provide special treatment to customers who always pay on time
Provide multiple loyalty grades, each with a different set of benefits
Customer benefits are configurable: extra options, or a discount, or larger quota or enhanced bandwidth
Hydra automatically upgrades and downgrades a customer's loyalty grade

Discounts and Promos

Set up the discounting policy based on various criteria. Subsequently, Hydra automatically applies the discounts to the customers matching the criteria
Volume discounts
Percentage and absolute discounts
Limited-time offers
Individual discounts per customer segment
Confused about how Hydra Billing works?
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Supported Services

Triple-Play: Broadband, TV, Telephony
  • Limited Bandwidth Plans
  • Quota-Based Plans (Gigabytes, Packages with Minutes)
  • Plans with Time Intervals
  • Bundled Plans
  • Contract-Based Equipment Rental and Installments
  • Telephony: Local and Long-Distance Calls, Packages with Minutes, and Zone-Based Charging
  • Optional Sub-Packages and Bundles
Recurring Subscription and One-Off Services
  • Prepaid, postpaid and hybrid plans
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, annual recurring plans
  • Gradual (daily) charging within a billing period
  • Extra (optional) services within a price plan
  • Instant and continuing one-off services
  • Fixed, individual and floating billing day
  • Automated customizable proration
  • Automated vendor-independent service provisioning
General Usage-Based Services
  • Hydra counts and charges for resource usage
  • Prepaid and postpaid usage packages (quotas)
  • Deposit management and tracking
Examples of supported services:
  • IT outsourcing: man-hours, number of tickets closed
  • Utility meters: electricity, gas, water, heat
  • Metered digital services: number of EDI transactions, tracks/video played
  • Cloud and data center services: CPU, memory, storage, network usage
  • Transport: engine hours, mileage
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