Our Services Packaged with Hydra Products

We provide complete technical support, conduct implementations and train your staff
Our engineers have implemented Hydra in hundreds of companies. No one can do this better than they do.
We are always there to help when you face an issue, whenever it may occur, at night, on weekends, or on holidays — anytime.
We train your staff, so they have no problems working with our system.

Implementation Service

You save time for your staff. They continue to make you money doing your everyday business.
You accelerate your return on investment. The faster you replace your old billing system with Hydra, the sooner it makes money.
You protect your investment. You do not run the risk of programs being left incomplete due to your staff being overloaded with routine work.
Pavel Vinogradov, Head of Implementation, Hydra
«After purchase, we do not leave our customers alone with a system they have no idea how to use, but rather assist them in getting it going»‎.

Data Migration
You do not have to write scripts or programs. Our team does this so you do not have to. We use special sets of tools and benefit from the experience of having performed hundreds of migrations.
Our migration adapts flexibly according to your needs. We transfer data in as much detail as you require.
Brush up your data! Migration is an excellent opportunity to learn a lot about how current and correct the customer and service data stored in the old billing system are.

How does our service benefit you more?

  • With HBS’s team doing most of the tasks remotely, it still took pretty much effort to do necessary tasks on our side, so we devoted a team leader and enough human resources to the implementation too. Weekly confcalls really helped to keep the process going.
    Luk Phin Tirtokuncoro, PT Netciti Persada
  • We use special tools for rapid system integration and data processing. It is difficult to learn how to operate them, so we are responsible for the processes.
  • We feature many ready-made configurations. We re-use them, thus accelerating implementation and reducing the risk of errors.
  • We have honed the technology of Hydra’s implementation to prevent any mistakes that might otherwise occur while setting up and running the system.
  • We have excellent experience in the implementation of Hydra. We have done it dozens of times and nothing can confuse us.
  • We have access to our customers' experiences. They are willing to share them with us.
  • We maintain an unbiased view of your business. It helps us to better understand and solve your problems.
Confused about how Hydra Billing works?
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Mode of Operation

Prior to implementation, we carry out a free remote examination, a rapid analysis of your business' technical aspects.
If necessary, we can conduct a paid in-situ survey, following which you will be provided with a detailed report.
We make a clear plan for phased implementation, where part of the work will be done by us and the other by your employees.
Implementation is carried out in a convenient project management system, where you can track time and current tasks and interact with our experts.
Each project is implemented by a team of assigned experienced engineers supervised by our project manager, who is responsible for its results, time period, and cost.
Before operationalizing Hydra, we create a testing checklist. When the tests return error-free, it ensures a successful launch.
Technical Support
  • Artem Efimenko
    Head of technical support, Hydra
    "Every day, our technical support team handles complex, nonstandard tasks, helps out in emergency situations, and even does routine chores, all these with maximum efficiency and top-level competence".
  • Urgent Efficiency Recovery
    We will restore the system following any kind of network, hardware, or software failure at any time, including weekends and holidays.
  • Implementation, Integration and Set-Up
    We introduce new services, SMS notifications, and loyalty programs as they come up and assist in the integration of new equipment and set-up of Hydra modules.
Why is technical support beneficial to you?
  • We are there to help you any time you run into an issue, whenever that may occur, at night, on weekends, on holidays — anytime.
  • You do not need to spend time servicing the billing system. You just worry about taking care of your business. You do your job and we will do ours.
  • Our engineers have accumulated a huge amount of experience in servicing Hydra for a broad range of customers. This allows them to get in and out taking care of the job fast, which also saves you money.
  • We monitor your Hydra. If an alarm is issued, we will automatically create a support request to deal with it.
  • You receive access to new Hydra versions. No extra charge.
  • We work based on an SLA. We are prepared to provide financial guarantees of our compliance.

Mode of Operation
Requests for technical support
  • Your administrators receive access to our user-friendly tech support web portal.
  • To receive technical support, you create a request on which you will communicate with one of our engineers.
  • Upon completion of each request, you may evaluate the performance of the technical support engineer. We take customer feedback very seriously as they can make a big difference in keeping our employees sharp.
  • The cost of support is charged according to the time spent handling the request.
New Hydra versions
  • All new Hydra versions are free to technical support customers. All you have to pay for is the installation of the new version, which we do for you.
  • We usually release new Hydra versions twice a year, but you can install updates as and when needed.
  • In addition, we also maintain a stable version, which is updated every few months. It contains only bug fixes.
Installing Updates
  • For ease of use and quick troubleshooting, Hydra updates are regularly made by our technical support engineers.
  • Updates are typically installed in two steps: first on a test server and, only after your approval, at a time that is convenient for you on your production server.
  • For customers who have set up "hot standby", updates may be installed simultaneously on both servers.
  • During the upgrade, Hydra's RADIUS servers continue to work, thanks "autonomous mode" capability.
  • The update includes automatic data migration to the new Hydra version.

Customer Happiness Report

This is how our customers assess the performance of our technical support team members. Based on Last 100 Customer Ratings.
We relied on Hydra's experience and signed a deal. Nowadays, we are satisfied with its stability, quality and functionality. Whenever we have a question, Support is always there 24/7 ready to help with our needs. Thank you, Hydra!
Sergey Balashov, OliveNet Networks S. L.

Training Service

Remote or on-site training provided by our experts.
A training course, custom made by taking into account the features of Hydra you use.
Advising on setting up the system, depending on the expected workload and the characteristics of your business processes.
Advising on your part of Hydra's implementation: setting up price plans, user privileges, and equipment configuration.