Spanish startup OliveNet approached us to implement a reliable and robust billing system for quad-play services in order to enter the market within a short timeframe.
OliveNet is a Spanish regional telecommunications operator which provides high-speed wired and wireless Internet access, mobile telephony and VoIP, IPTV and CCTV services. The company works with private and corporate customers in the coastal areas of Andalusia: Costa del Sol, Costa Calida, and Costa de la Luz.
The need to implement a complex billing solution that meets all the requirements of a modern telecom startup within a short time.
The demand to integrate third-party services and platforms to expand the list of services and improve their delivery.
The necessity to automate standard business processes to speed up the employees' routine tasks and reduce transaction costs.
OliveNet started out as a small ambitious startup, and planned to provide Internet connection services to users in coastal Spain. Like any startup, the company required speed of implementation, reliability and functionality of the system to enter the market quickly. A pleasant bonus was the access to Hydra’s collection of best practices from industry leaders.
— Atanas Dimitrov, Chief Commercial Officer at Hydra
Solution and implementation
"We needed a modern, dynamic billing system that could be easily integrated with third-party systems. Other important criteria were: the ability to generate reports of different types and formats, a flexible provisioning of equipment, integration of devices, address pools, and VoIP phone numbering".

— Sergio Borrego, CEO of Olivenet
We integrated billing with Sabadell TPV, Sabadell Phone&Sell, CRM, and UserSide Helpdesk.

Later, OliveNet decided to go for the Hydra Field Service Management application which also needed to be integrated with the CRM and Hydra Billing.
Business process automation
New customer connection business process was automated by integrating it with the OliveNet website, Billing system and CRM.
Hydra provisioning was integrated with the provider BRASest: Cisco ASR 9001 and Juniper MX480 routers. Another integration was done with Stalker IPTV.
In the New customer connection business process, the CRM acted as the operator interface. At the same time, the CRM lacked the option to store the information about customer subscriptions to services, which is one of the most important components of the connection process. Accordingly, we developed a REST API for Olivenet, which made it possible to view the services available for connection by matching the location of the new subscriber with the service coverage map.
— Penko Vinogradov, Head of Implementation Team at Hydra
Subscriber connection business process in Olivenet
In the CRM a client profile is created
A CRM operator fills in the subscriber data in the profile
CRM makes a request to Hydra via API to get a list of services available to the subscriber
A registered subscriber is created in the billing, awaiting to be connected
With the implementation of Hydra, our services management has been greatly simplified thanks to built-in integrations with third-party systems, and the possibility to easily integrate with any new ones. Automated service disconnection for debtors, convenient balance management, integration between equipment and VoIP/IP pool directories — all these allowed us to reduce operational costs and apply internal resources to other priority tasks.
We are completely satisfied with the quality, stability and functionality of the billing system. Special thanks to Hydra support service, which is ready to provide prompt assistance for any request 24/7.
— Sergio Borrego, CEO of Olivenet
Billing was implemented, which allowed the startup to enter the market and scale up within a short timeframe.
Third-party modules were integrated: CRM and Helpdesk.
Largely thanks to Hydra’s tools, Olivenet is rapidly growing its customer base and expanding its coverage area — the company extended the license capacity even before the end of the implementation project to support more users.
Hydra field service management system has made it possible to optimize and simplify the process of working with clients.
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