Link3 urgently required a new billing system as the old one was unable to handle the customer base adding a few thousands every month, and the manual business processes were hampering the rapid growth of the company, causing huge losses
Link3 is Bangladesh's largest telephone circuit operator that has been providing broadband Internet access, television, IP telephony and other IT solutions across the country since 2001. Its customers include the country's government and army, banks, telecom operators and the garment industry, which is the backbone of Bangladesh's economy.
  • Maximum automatization of business processes: in a developing country, it is difficult to hire and train qualified employees, so it is necessary to minimize the human factor wherever possible.
  • Improve the quality of services provided in the context of a large influx of new customers.
  • Offer new services to existing customers.
  • The company’s development was hindered by the limited functionality of the legacy Indian billing system, primarily designed for cable TV operators.
  • The existing marketing toolkit in the old system could not support Link3 in setting the trend as a market leader: it was difficult and time-consuming to introduce new price plans and promotions, manage subscriptions and service parameters.
  • Inflexible provisioning prevented from integrating new platforms, limiting the introduction of new services.
Solution and implementation
""Link3 had over a hundred thousand subscribers at that point, and in order to perform the migration to the new system most seamlessly, we did it in three stages".

— Penko Vinogradov, Head of Implementation Team at Hydra
Pilot project
During the first phase, we integrated with the company’s provider equipment from MikroTik. At the same time, the Link3 team was exploring the Hydra functionality.
Implementation and trial operation
Before launching with the main subscriber base, it was necessary to thoroughly debug the system components. Several thousand subscribers were transferred to the new system to test business processes and billing functions.
Launching a complete project
After a long test of the system performance, we migrated and connected the remaining subscriber base of tens of thousands customers.
Bangladesh is a developing country, and every year the need for quality access to telecommunications services increases. At the same time, local companies have difficulties in hiring and training highly qualified employees.
To simplify the work with the system, we have automated the processes as much as possible, and in the meantime, we actively continue holding training sessions and workshops for the Link3 team.
— Atanas Dimitrov, Chief Commercial Officer at Hydra
Hydra’s experienced technicians held a series of training sessions for the Link3 team, answered questions and shared expert advice about the system. Also, workshops were organized for detailed studies of typical business processes.
Business process automation
We integrated with Link3 subscription portal and automated the business process of new customer connection.
We implemented a flexible provisioning and inventory system, which allowed integration with MikroTik BRAS and Corpus OTT service via RADIUS protocol.
Having implemented the billing solution, we could then automate many processes which previously were manual. Thanks to the Hydra team's professionalism, we actually did not face any technical difficulties during the implementation project. The solution satisfied our requirements and opened new prospects for further development of our company.
— Pradip Dey, General Manager Technica at Link3
With Hydra Billing, Link3 now has all its hardware and services integrated, thus providing a stable internet access service management.
The company gained access to a variety of built-in marketing tools, which were not available with the previous billing solution — connection speed and data management, subscription and price plan customization.
Largely thanks to the recommendations of our team, Link3 abandoned the outdated CRM in favor of a modern system of their own development, and successfully integrated it with the billing.
Today Link3 is actively adding telephony services and introducing cloud services, which was not even theoretically possible on the old billing.
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