ISP billing software

They are considered to be a software package that allows you to automate the process of billing Internet providers. The program often has rich functionality that goes beyond simple invoicing and payment acceptance. Using it, a company providing access to the network can manage several routers at once, work with different groups of subscribers within their tariff plans, and have opportunities for business process analytics.

This is a convenient software solution that will allow you to quickly adjust the Internet bandwidth, keep track of incoming money and debts, and conduct various marketing activities among subscribers.

Billing management software can be hosted on your premises or accessed from the cloud. The system is easy to scale, you can quickly add new access points, routers, etc.

Hydra’s Billing Software allows users to surf the web, make online purchases, carry out business activities, and communicate online with friends or family for a fee at a set rate. ISPs may also offer you email, domain name registration, website hosting, and more.

Characteristics of a Modern Internet Service Provider
An ISP these days isn't just a company that runs a cable to your house and gives you access to the network. Now the provider can offer its subscribers a whole package of services and digital products. Here are some of the hallmarks of a modern-style ISP running a business:
  • Competent and timely assistance to users.
  • Possibility of cost savings.
  • Additional income from video advertising.
  • You can implement the platform and start using it within a short time.
  • The system is highly scalable and easy to install.
Hydra has a rich selection of ISP billing automation software.

What is the essence of the billing program?
Quite simply, it is a mechanism that automatically bills customers and accepts and records their payments. The advantage here is the absence of errors in the calculations, and the timeliness of sending documentation. The billing system also includes many other functionalities: tracking expenses, generating business intelligence reports, preparing and conducting marketing events, etc.

Billing as a research tool
When a guest enters your WiFi zone, he immediately gets to the proprietary login under the brand name of the provider - ISP WiFi. To gain access, the user must decide on the connection option. It can be password entry, social access, or completely free use. After the login is completed, the user will be automatically redirected to the required web resource or the provider's website.

The main goal of billing is to help the organization collect data on all sales transactions. Through the voucher network access system, you will be able to collect all the necessary information.

Issue coupons for entering and using the network by setting the necessary conditions for bandwidth, traffic speed, and other characteristics. Distribute them on a paid or free basis. Signing in with a prepaid voucher and using the network based on filling out a minimal questionnaire is a great technique for collecting the right information. You will be able to create an entire database based on this, which you will later repeatedly use as part of your marketing activity programs.