How to get high-quality WISP equipment at a reasonable price

Cost is often the deciding factor in equipment selection for new WISPs just starting and needing a significant amount of hardware. But with the introduction of new technologies, already well-known companies are forced to make extensive purchases of equipment to meet the modern realities of the market for services to provide access to the network.

It is precisely such WISPs that the proposal of Hydra is addressed. The manufacturer presented reliable and inexpensive high-tech solutions to the attention of interested parties. The prospect of their active use by providers becomes even more real due to the amazing combination of hardware performance and its relatively low price.

Aviat WTM 4000 significantly outperforms cheaper counterparts in terms of performance and programming and control capabilities. Having become acquainted with only a few of them, you will definitely extinguish your impulsive desire to save money “here and now” and purchase lower-grade samples of wireless data transmission platforms:
  • The equipment is characterized by a high degree of reliability, excellent performance, and a large radius of action. The data transmission capabilities of this device make the cost of a transmitted bit cheaper than that of lower quality equipment.
  • The introduction of the Aviat WTM 4000 reduces the cost of ownership and maintenance of the ISP transport network. Inside the compact body of the device, the latest microwave technologies are combined, which will allow service providers and network operators to provide customers with next-generation access, designed for several years of use. The large bandwidth of the equipment, controlled remotely, will also allow you to confidently look into the future without fear of traffic growth.
  • Low energy consumption. Only 0.5 kW DC is required for a new device from Hydra which is approximately 6 times less than previous versions of such wireless transport.
  • There are no hidden costs for expanding services. Poor quality radios do not perform well in organizing links with above-average length, which leads to the purchase of additional repeaters and new costs. Using Aviat WTM 4000, you will not know about such problems.
  • Remote upgrade. Service delivery becomes much easier. The equipment supports IP/MPLS, so it can be updated remotely, which favorably distinguishes Aviat WTM 4000 from devices of lower price and quality.
  • Aviat Design and Aviat Store proprietary tools allow you to quickly design new connections, significantly reducing development time. By purchasing these solutions online, you get a professional level of design and save your money.
It is calculated that the cost of equipment and maintenance of a wireless network per mile is lower than that of a similar one using fiber optics. Just as real are the performance and total cost of ownership benefits for WISPs when companies set up an outdoor transport network.

Technical solutions from Hydra allow customers to use the best functionality of the possible options, and the build quality of the equipment and the materials used to guarantee its long-term service. Aviat equipment has been tested for durability and enjoys a well-deserved reputation among customers such as security services at various levels, government agencies, banks, network operators, etc.

You should not equip your transit channels with devices with a low price and even lower quality. Using Aviat technical solutions, you will get excellent functionality and reliability at an affordable price. If you have any questions about the characteristics or use of the Aviat WTM 4000, please call our representatives.