Hydra Billing – The Best OSS/BSS Telecom Software for Digitalized Industries

One of the most insistent requirements customers have for telecom businesses today is that these companies utilize all modern tools and technologies in their arsenal to deliver sustainable network capacity and continued high quality of service. One way for telecommunication companies to achieve this ambitious goal is to employ sophisticated and modern bss oss systems. In this post, we will look closer at what oss/bss telecom solutions are and how their use can help pave the way for your telecommunications company’s growth and commercial success.

What Are OSS and BSS Solutions?
In the business of telecommunications, bss oss solutions, or B/OSS, stand for business support and operations support systems. Working in close tandem with one another, these two systems ensure smooth and nearly flawless management of commercial and technical departments of any telecom business across a wide range of services.
Telecom operators, TV companies, energy companies, and other organizations that have regular and close contact with customers use these software products to maintain personal accounts, monitor service consumption, and bill their subscribers periodically. A telecommunications company cannot exist without the processes that oss bss platforms ensure, as those are at the core of its business.
As mentioned above, a telecommunications company has two key domains of its work that bss oss software is responsible for: infrastructure and resource management, as well as interaction with subscribers. The main job of such solutions, working together, is to ensure that services are provided and accounted for in a full and timely fashion. Functionally, OSS is there to secure the correct operation of the network infrastructure and equipment, while BSS oversees interaction with subscribers (accounting for the provided services, control of the account status, billing, etc.)
Here is more about each of the two systems and their crucial components:
Telecom oss software is an information processing system that operators utilize to run their communications networks and coordinate the provision of services, management of resources, and streamlining of processes and activities. The scope of network-facing tasks that telecom oss solutions engage themselves with include defect and performance management (service assurance), customer activations, management of assets/inventory, network security monitoring, and others.
The architecture of a typical oss platform consists of the following four key elements:
· Processes
· Data
· Applications
· Technology.
BSS software is a complex of tools used to support all activities on the client’s side. At the heart of any BSS solution, there is an advanced and customizable bss billing system, where all financial settlements with subscribers occur. Apart from their front-office application, modern bss telecom products can be used to assist with several back-office tasks that have a customer-facing overlay, such as handling trouble-ticketing and SA.
The four critical bss components and processes are:
· Customer management
· Product management
· Order management
· Billing and revenue management.

What Benefits Can A Telco Reap From Using B/OSS Solutions?
OSS BSS automation may help telcos innovate and add value to how they operate. There are plenty of benefits a modern business can derive from using an advanced telecom oss bss solution. Among them are the following:
1. It removes the manual component from your processes and eliminates the possibility of human-made errors.
2. It makes it possible to swiftly deploy a broad scope of digital subscription-based services that stand out from the competition.
3. It allows companies to generate recurring income and strengthen their connections with customers worldwide.

What Is the Best B/OSS Software for a Telecom Business?
A telco today can purchase the greatest network technology worth billions and still have little to show for it if it fails to implement the right oss bss software to bring that technology to the end consumer in a form that is both understandable and usable. One example of such a product is Hydra Billing.
Hydra Billing is a powerful and functional billing tool that includes features like billing & invoicing, customer accounts management, subscription management, automated dunning, provisioning, pre-paid/post-paid systems, effortless CRM/ERP integration, and more. The platform is useful for ISRs, telecoms, and digital service providers looking for a reliable and easy-to-use tool to handle the multiple aspects of the billing lifecycle.
This robust platform efficiently automates tiresome billing routine, eliminating the possibility of human-made errors that can cost your company its revenues and leave your customers dissatisfied with the quality of products/services they receive.