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Are you an SME owner looking for reliable open source billing software to automate your invoicing and customer record management processes? For a telecom company to make profits, it needs to have an accurate and efficient way to charge its end customers for the products or services received, and a smart and flexible billing open source software is just the tool for the job.
Choosing the right opensourc software for your company’s unique billing needs isn’t the easiest or fastest process. It requires one to invest a sensible amount of time and effort into researching the topic, compare the different options available on the market, and finally pin down the best product that has all the features necessary to ensure a smooth and effortless billing experience.
To eliminate the hassle for telecom business owners like yourself, we have picked one billing open source software solution that struck us as the worthiest. However, before we tell you what it is, here is what open source billing solutions are and why any entrepreneur seeking an efficient way to bill their customers should use them.

What Is Open Source Invoicing Software?
Any software that makes its source code publically available and accessible for anyone to view, tweak and upgrade is considered open source. Such solutions allow software engineers to manipulate certain elements of the source code and customize those to satisfy the unique needs of a particular business. Thus, they can include new features, correct errors, and make all kinds of improvements to receive a product that is a perfect match for them.
Billing open source software is a solution that automatically generates billing for products and services rendered by the company and delivers the invoice to your customers.
The reasons any modern business (particularly those operating in the field of telecommunications and digital services) should consider using open source billing management tools include:
· They maintain an accurate and detailed record of bills and invoices.
· They automatically create and send recurring bills for end customers.
· They generate up-to-date reports for the needs of the accounting department, customer management service, and sales teams.
· They offer your customers a simple way to monitor their consumption of your products or services and make it clear how money is spent.

Key Benefits of Using Open Source Billing Solutions
Many telecom companies have already appreciated the convenience of open source billing software. If you need a bit more persuading, however, here are some of the key benefits your company can derive from utilizing these handy billing tools:
  • You will have a secure and adept invoicing solution perfectly tailored to your company’s unique billing needs.
  • You will be able to customize your billing software, improve and scale it as your business expands.
  • You will not have to break the bank to cover the installation and upkeep costs associated with your open source invoicing system.
  • You will be able to bill your customers automatically, thus eliminating the risk of making errors that can cost your company its revenues.
  • You will handle your customers’ information with more efficiency and ease.
  • You will never again have to worry about late payments, as the solution will remind you when it is time to bill your customers.
  • You will be able to enjoy smooth and effortless open source crm billing integration.
  • You can provide your customers with accurate and up-to-date billing details immediately upon their request, which will make your company appear even more professional and organized.

Which Open Source Billing Software Is the Best?
If you want to be able to bill your customers automatically and without much fuss, a billing open source software solution is the way to go. But only the best, feature-rich, and customizable tool can help you achieve true financial and professional success. That is what Hydra Billing is – the #1 OSS billing and automation platform for telecom businesses and subscription services. Hydra Billing is perfect for generating recurring and irregular invoices, tracking payments, creating and customizing financial reports.