Hydra FAQ

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General information
How are Hydra's solutions priced?
The price of Hydra products is the sum of the license and implementation costs. The cost of the licence is dependent on the size of the subscriber base, additional paid modules and affiliation and branches. The cost of implementation is calculated individually after a free pre-sale research.

Payment acceptance
Can I apply a payment to more than one account?

Which payment systems does Hydra support?

Billing and invoicing process
What service charging schemes does Hydra support?
Hydra supports prepaid, postpaid and hybrid plans of charging.

How to create a tariff or service in billing?

How сan I transfer information from 1C to billing?
A bank statement in xml or 1C format can be sent to the billing system.

Does Hydra support pre-invoicing?
Yes, you can automatically generate invoices for a future date.

Inventory and Provisioning
Technical features and conditions

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