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Hydra Billing: Reliable VSAT Billing Services for Satellite Internet Companies

Internet-dependent businesses that operate in remote places have to deal with multiple technical challenges on a daily basis, including problems of enhanced Internet volatility, broken connections, network bottlenecks, streaming and download lagging issues, and decreased speeds. Poor or failure-prone Internet connectivity can affect multiple aspects of enterprise daily activity, from inefficient correspondence with customers and late payments to missed profit-making opportunities.
It is to avoid these negative consequences that many companies today choose to implement advanced satellite systems that secure a flexible and coherent communications network capable of supporting Internet, LAN, IP Voice, video, and data communications. One of the worthiest solutions, in particular, is the VSAT satellite technology.
VSAT, or Very Small Aperture Terminal, is a ground station that utilizes an antenna to obtain and relay data via satellites. Relatively compact, these stations provide real-time transmission of both narrow and broadband data to satellites orbiting the Earth. Upon reception, the data can then be re-directed to other terminals and hubs around the globe.

The Benefits of Using VSAT

The benefits of the VSAT technology for a business depend on the sector and type of commercial application. Some organizations gain more from introducing VSAT solutions into their process flow than others. However, there is a range of universal perks that having VSAT can offer:
1.Fast and reliable Internet-over-satellite services. VSAT antennas can be placed almost anywhere and offer the broadest possible coverage among all telecom solutions.
2.An ideal backup solution for wired systems. VSAT helps eliminate risks for businesses that suffer a massive failure of their wired networks.
3.VSAT services are comparatively cheap and easily upgradable. These solutions are flexible and let you add a new VSAT location or increase the existing bandwidth with a minimum investment of time and effort.

How to Streamline the VSAT Billing Process: Tips for Satellite Internet Providers

For any satellite Internet company, the best way to handle customer invoices is to use a dedicated VSAT billing solution such as Hydra Billing. Hydra is an expert and agile VSAT billing platform that makes short work of your most daunting billing, invoicing, and subscription management routine.
Hydra VSAT billing system can generate fast and accurate customized bills and invoices in a matter of a few minutes and with fewer resources used. Moreover, this advanced and feature-rich VSAT billing software is very flexible and can be easily configured to meet the unique needs of individual clients, enabling you to customize billing cycles, file formats, payment terms, etc.
The best features of Hydra VSAT billing product:
· Customizable invoicing.
· Recurring subscription management.
· Automated dunning.
· Provisioning.
· Pre-paid/post-paid systems.