Hydra Billing: Best FTTH Billing System for Local, Regional, and National ISPs

The demand for high-speed Internet connectivity is experiencing explosive growth: millions of households and businesses are abandoning their old and inefficient copper networks in favor of ultrafast fiber broadband.
When choosing between different types of fiber connections, FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is considered the best in terms of transmission quality and bandwidth capacity. Here is what FTTH networks are and why more and more subscribers are switching to fiber instead of copper lines to create broadband Internet access.

What is FTTH?

Home fiber is the type of connection where communication signals are delivered over optical fiber (i.e., cables filled with thin glass or plastic) that runs directly from the telecom operator's switching equipment to the user's home or business premises. Fiber to the home network can be created using an active optical network (AON) or a passive optical network (PON); each offers a different way to split the data and install it along the intended route.
Fiber for residential application is a relatively new and booming technology that supplies private households and business consumers with significantly higher bandwidth, allowing for more stable and streamlined delivery of Internet, video, and voice services

The Benefits of Using FTTH

With fiber to the home technology, you will enjoy varied benefits. Below is a list of some of the most worthy and exciting advantages that come with an FTTH connection:
Enhanced Internet speed.
Whether it is for streaming videos, downloading documents, or video chatting with friends, Internet speed is the pivotal factor that can significantly aid or completely ruin the whole experience. Fiber optic Internet speed offered by most FTTH providers can reach 1 gigabit per second – 10 to 20 times faster than what cable Internet providers currently have. Moreover, there is no limit to how fast fiber-optic connections can get, and some providers already offer speeds of 2 Gbps or higher.
Reliable, future-proof technology.
With fiber to the home Internet, users can forget about peak traffic overloads and energy outages that interrupt their viewing sessions at the worst possible times. Fiber optic can serve multiple users, handling large amounts of data at a steadily better speed.
Another good reason to opt for FTTH Internet is that this technology is more flexible and agile than most other options available today. Referred to as future-proof, fiber to the home is more suited to meet the unique challenges of tomorrow and accommodate additional services in the coming years.
Same upload/download speeds.
Cable Internet users know that the gap between download and upload times can be horrid. Since providers tend to give more bandwidth to downloads, uploading can be a never-ending nightmare. Fiber optic Internet removes the issue of slow upload times by offering equal amounts of bandwidth for uploads and downloads alike.
Higher TV quality/Better gameplay experience.
Fiber optic ensures a smooth and uninterrupted connection for bufferless 4K Internet streaming and high-quality video gaming.
Multiple device support.
FTTH technology allows simultaneously transmitting data to multiple devices in a reliable and fast manner. Thanks to the stable signal of FTTH, you can connect several tablets, laptops, phones, smart speakers, and even your thermostat to the Internet at once.

What Is the Best Billing Solution for an FTTH Provider?

If you are thinking of constructing or investing in an FTTH business, one of the first things to consider is which ftth billing system you will use to invoice your customers. Choosing a billing system for your company might seem like a minor task, but the impact it can have on your internal and customer-faced business operations is, in fact, immense.
Hydra Billing is a trusted, robust, and highly adaptable recurring billing solution that serves the specific invoicing needs of ISPs, telecoms, and digital service providers. This modern and scalable ftth billing/fttx billing software can help you boost the efficiency of your Internet service provider company by allowing you to bill your customers with a few clicks and giving your staff a single user interface to manage all services and operations with much ease and convenience.
Here is what you will be able to do faster and smarter if you invest in the Hydra billing platform:
• Customize your billing and subscription management processes.
• Automate service delivery to subscribers.
• Reduce manual workload and streamline the collection process.
• Prevent late payments with Hydra's easy-to-use dunning mechanism.
• Integrate Hydra with your CRM and accounting software easily.
• Receive accurate subscription billing analytics.