Hydra – Your Go-To DTH Billing Software That Makes Invoicing and Customer Management Simple

DTH, which stands for Direct-to-Home television, has transformed the television viewing experience for millions of people worldwide, making it more convenient, interactive, and personal. DTH connections provide users with access to niche channels with customized and premium content.
These days, DTH service providers are galore. With so many alternatives, it might be tough for subscribers to make the best decision. One of the main parameters users look for in a DTH company is the provider's ability to keep the experience uninterrupted for its clients and offer them a convenient way to make regular subscription payments.
To make your DTH business stand out favorably against the competition, you need to consider implementing an efficient and modern dth billing software solution that will let you bill your customers easily and professionally, as well as give your subscribers the flexibility and convenience of making their payments online with just a few quick taps.
Before choosing the best billing solution for your telecom business, let us see what DTH is and why it is a better alternative to cable TV.

What Are the Key Benefits of DTH?
Replacing your legacy cable connection, DTH allows the broadcasting company to directly transmit the signal to your TV set using a specialized receiver. DTH broadcasting involves the delivery of multi-channel TV programs via satellite. Encrypted signals are sent directly to customers' premises, where they can only be received and viewed by the equipment installed in your home.
Advantages of subscription-based DTH over cable television:
· DTH is a solid and reliable alternative to cable TV with the added benefits of PPV, VOD, and high-speed Internet connection services.
· Easy and stable access to a variety of niche channels offering premium content.
· Accessible and affordable television services for people in developing countries and remote rural areas.
· An unlimited number of channels thanks to the efficient use of the frequency spectrum.
· Secure and dependable delivery of encrypted TV signals that cannot be easily decoded/interrupted by a third party.
· Flexibility to create and further customize various channel clusters.
· Superior quality of reception that comes with reduced maintenance costs.
Shortcomings of DTH:
· Significant upfront investments are necessary to purchase and install the equipment.
· The satellite signal can be weather-dependent.
It is evident that DTH has a lot of entertainment potential to offer to users around the globe and comes as a full-fledged, cost-effective alternative to traditional cable TV. The value of the DTH services you provide can be further increased if you utilize the right billing system that will allow your customers to enjoy the product in a hassle-free and easy manner.

What Is the Best Billing Solution for DTH Companies?
Having a solid and functional dth voip billing solution in place means you can automate your billing processes, charge your customers and manage your subscriptions with more efficiency and ease. When looking for reliable and feature-rich dth billing software to cater to your unique invoicing and customer management needs, you should definitely consider using Hydra Billing. This advanced billing platform offers customizable and scalable services for ISPs, telecommunications companies, and digital service providers. The scope of services that Hydra Billing renders includes:
· Customized billing and invoicing.
· Recurring billing management.
· Subscription management.
· Order/contract management.
· Provisioning.
· Automated dunning management.
· Pre-paid/Post-paid systems.
Hydra is a comprehensive OSS/BSS solution for telecom operators (Internet, telephony, and television providers) of any size. It helps automate business processes, accept payments from subscribers, issue invoices, manage customer data and oversee every other aspect of your billing cycle. Other valuable capabilities of Hydra include fast and simple integration with over 30 CRM and accounting tools and effortless continued support of over 60 different models of equipment.