Hydra Is a Smart and Handy Billing CDR Solution That Makes Invoicing Easy.

Before starting a telecom business to provide high-quality communication services to your fellow citizens and users globally, you need to educate yourself on many things and think through some crucial aspects. Essential questions for any aspiring telecom entrepreneur to address are:
· What kind of telecommunications company to launch?
· Which business model to pursue?
· What upfront investments and upkeep costs does the new business require?
· What cdr billing system to use?
The importance of choosing the right billing cdr tool for your telecom company cannot be underrated, as your customers’ satisfaction with your business and your commercial success, in general, depend on it. We will explain what cdr billing software is and why it matters so much that you pick the best cdr billing solution available on the market. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Use CDR Billing Software?
To answer why a company might need billing cdr software, one must understand what cdr is and what role cdr in telecom billing plays. So, let us start with the basics:
A call detail record (CDR) in telecom is an exhaustive account of all telephonic calls that go through a telephone switching exchange or other telecommunication facilities. Such records comprise relevant call data, including time and duration of calls, source and destination device numbers, call status, total usage time, billing amount for each call, and other attributes. Call detail records are a valuable source of analytical data for phone service providers that use them to generate recurring income.
Whatever efforts a telecom provider puts into IT provisioning, that is, setting up the infrastructure, will not matter if they fail to deliver smooth and effortless telecom billing services to their customers. That explains why having a well-built and handy cdr billing platform to serve your invoicing needs is crucial. Not only are the telecom provider's profits reliant on accurate and timely billing, but the end user's comfort and trust are directly tied up with what quality of billing services you can offer.
What CDR Billing Software to Use?
In any telecommunications business, one of the most confusing tasks is telecom billing. With so much scattered data to be processed and streamlined, there are bound to be errors and miscalculations. Luckily, long gone are the days when you had to compose and review each user’s cdr billing manually. Thanks to the top-notch, reliable billing cdr software we have access to today, telecom vendors can capture and report all end user-telecom networking interactions automatically and with great accuracy.
If you need professional, handy, and agile cdr billing software to charge customers, record and report their usage data, monitor calls made on your networks, Hydra Billing is the right tool for you. The key benefits that your telecom or ISP business can derive from using Hydra Billing are as follows:
· Full control over call records and detailed call analytics, all available with just a few clicks.
· Business operations optimization through accurate and automated data collection and analysis.
· Elimination of time-taking and tedious billing tasks – the software will automatically generate detailed, error-free invoices and send those to your customers at predetermined time intervals.
· An improved customer experience that translates into a stellar reputation for your telecom and increased revenues.
· Discovery of new growth opportunities. With your billing processes optimized, time and effort-wise, you will have freed valuable resources to take on new customers, expand your business geography, and further enhance the quality of your services.
· Quick and efficient customer data management – changing rates, switching between subscription plans, and altering customer information becomes a real-time, effortless process.
Hydra billing is a flexible and scalable billing management system for telecommunications companies and providers of other digital services. This customizable B/OSS solution is perfect for managing late fees, arranging discounts, automating recurring payments, and streamlining the contracting process.