Convenient management of
your billing

We are a leading developer in the field of software for Internet service providers and telecom operators. And we are proud to present to your attention the automated ISP Billing Software system, which will significantly save your time and simplify your daily tasks.
This software has full functionality for running an ISP business. It makes it possible to exercise control over the acceptance, and return of payments, generates invoices automatically, manage purchases, manage the client base, and much more. This complex is integrated into your internal network and ensures the uninterrupted operation of all its elements. You will not waste time on solving many routine tasks but will focus on promoting and developing your business

An important advantage of Hydra Billing Software is the ability to fully personalize it to suit the individual characteristics and needs of your business.

The functional complexity of the software includes such features as subscribing to franchisees, using a WiFi signal for paid vouchers, a system for extending the use of provider services for several days before payment, viewing statistics, and various reports in real-time, using mobile applications and more. Every piece of Hydra software is designed to save you time and money!
The Hydra Billing Software software package is distinguished by some key features, which will be briefly discussed below.

Reporting and invoicing
This type of server software manages the access of users to different recourses and computer networks. Just as the name of the AAA server suggests, its work is based on the principle of three ‘A’: authentication, authorization, and accounting. The server helps manage access to networks according to the chosen parameters. There happens interaction between the network and databases containing information so that users who shouldn’t have access won’t get it. The most widely used server standard at the moment is called Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service or simply RADIUS.
You can generate and view the reports you need, analyze statistical data, make purchases through a mobile application, and receive notifications about completed payments and placed orders. Billing Software can extend the tariff plan. Our billing management software is truly multi-service.

Work with subscribers
The service allows you to quickly and easily create an account for each subscriber, opening which you can perform the necessary management manipulations. All the necessary information about the client will be displayed on one page. Hydra Billing Software also contains a section where subscribers can use self-service features. The supplied software package also includes an application for clients' mobile devices. Billing Software regularly checks documents based on KYC.

Customer Complaints
Your subscribers will be able to create a troubleshooting ticket on their own through the self-service portal, and this feature is also provided in the mobile application. Created tickets are easy to track. Subscribers will be able to solve a significant part of their problems online.

Analytics and business intelligence
Hydra Billing Software generates and provides its users with business reports that allow them to make effective management decisions. With the help of the analytical functions of our software, you can identify leaks, and areas of work with low return efficiency and increase the flow of customers.

Full integration
Hydra Billing Software contains the ability to send and receive online payments, SMS messages, and emails. The software package processes transactions from electronic wallets. An interactive menu system is also supported, which can be controlled by voice and DTMF signals (IVR). The system is also integrated with Tally Solution software.
Our software supports the SSL data exchange protocol, which makes access to domain addresses secure.

Hydra Billing Software supports integration with multiple vendors at the same time. Setting up PPPoE and Hotspot is simple and fast in 3 steps. The NAS can be managed from the application

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