Hydra Billing: AAA Server Software-Based Billing System for ISP and Telecom Companies

Billing is a system that must be ready to serve the needs of your business 24/7/365. Therefore, you must do your best to ensure the smoothest and most consistent operation of all its components. Let us take a closer look at what components billing systems consist of:
Data: it is the most valuable business information about the services that subscribers consume, personal account balances, and details of payments/charges.
The Core: it is where all manipulations with the data occur. Stored procedures that make up the company’s business logic are located in the Database Management System, and external apps are forbidden from altering the data directly. It can be done through API only.
Subscriber's personal account and web control panel: these two are user interfaces for interacting with the system.
Payment Gateway: this billing solution component receives payment information from numerous payment systems. For consistent operation, the payment gateway depends on the smooth work of the core. If the latter is unavailable, it will not be able to inform the rest of the billing components about the arrival of funds to the account.
AAA Server: aaa server software is an element of billing solutions in charge of authenticating, authorizing, and accounting vital information about the services that subscribers receive. The network equipment communicates with the AAA radius server solution (service access server). In the event of a failure of the server module radius server solution, subscribers cannot open new sessions, connect new services or deactivate the old ones.

How Does Wireless Radius Server Work?

A wireless radius server module employs a specialized protocol to control the flow of authentication-related communications between the user's device, the wireless AP, and the RADIUS server. Deploying a wireless radius server platform is relatively easy. The time it takes depends on the size of your company, the number of users and devices you need to serve, your budget, and your IT staff's skills.
The top-5 best wireless radius server software solutions:
• Cisco ISE
• AuthenticateMyWiFi
• FoxPass
• CloudRadius back.

The key advantages of LTE
• Almost universally available connectivity.
• Long-term network continuity.
• Quicker upload/download speeds.
• Faster Internet browsing.
• Higher quality of video and live streaming.
• Single interface that supports data, voice, instant messaging, and video.
The question that has been bothering many users is: what will happen to 4G LTE when 4G is fully deployed? The short answer is that 4G LTE will eventually give away to 5G. However, the period for which the two technologies will co-exist is evaluated at ten years at least because, for a successful rollout, 5G will rely heavily on the use of 4G infrastructure. Furthermore, LTE will likely continue to provide connectivity in regions with insufficient 5G coverage.

Why Opt for Hydra Billing?

One of the fundamental infrastructure components required for the effective 4G network implementation is an lte billing system. Network carriers can deliver multiple communication services utilizing Hydra's 4g billing software.
Here are the most significant features of the Hydra 4g billing platform:
• Provisioning.
• Customizable billing.
• Automated subscription/order management.
• Pre-paid/post-paid systems.
• Customer self-service portal.
• SAP and CRM integration.
• Automated dunning.
The advanced and functional 4g billing solution by Hydra helps optimize your daily business operations, enhance the end-user experience, and ultimately increase the profitability of your company.