Complete Product Stack to Automate Digital Service Providers
  • Automate manually managed business processes
  • Feel the magic of digital transformation
  • Enjoy Hydra's flexible, adaptable and scalable platform
Integrate all modules at both interface and business process level.
Analyze completed orders and executed processes.
Manage business processes at a high level.
Reduce the human factor.
Products Participating in Automation Suite
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Why Choose End-to-End Automation Suite
You don't bear the costs on custom development
Your business processes are well-organized and your staff operates quickly
You use your labor resources effectively
Painfully expensive custom development
Well-organized business processes and work flows
Excellent staff performance and satisfied customers
Effectively used labor resources
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Tech Advantages of Hydra OSS/BSS Suite
Full package of replaceable modules
Integration-centric extendable system
Avoiding vendor lock-in
You can plug your own modules in
Open-source software whenever possible
Single browser tab for every work place
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