Billing & Automation Software
for Service Providers
OSS/BSS Suite for Telecom and Subscription-Based Businesses

  • Automate your business processes with flexible, extensible platform
  • Earn extra revenue with marketing personalization and automation
  • Reduce time-to-market with built-in tools and versatile provisioning
A Pre-Integrated Yet Flexible OSS/BSS Platform
All benefits of a ready-to-use out-of-box solution + The incredible flexibility of a custom solution
Hydra OSS/BSS Suite provides infrastructure for automation and digital transformation with pre-integrated products: Billing System, Order Management, CRM, Field Service, Helpdesk and more.
We Offer Open Tech Solutions
  • Hydra OMS: open source Order Management and business process automation core
  • More than 50% of Hydra Billing comes with source code
  • Full and documented API
  • Open and documented database structure
  • Each OSS/BSS component is replaceable
Digital Transformation with Hydra: Industry Solutions
Customer Case Studies for Your Inspiration
Consulting and Support Services
Since 2007, we have been specializing in business processes automation of ISPs and digital service providers of various sizes: from thousands to millions of subscribers.

We collect best practices from hundreds of our customers around the globe, implement them in our products and are happy to share them.

Our services will help you streamline your business processes, optimize costs, and improve your customer service quality.

  • Product-related services: Implementation, Integration, Tech Support, Training.

  • Automation services: Business Processes, Field Service Operations, Resellers' Operations, Customer Self-Care.

  • IT consulting services: OSS/BSS, Enterprise IT Architecture, BPMS, ESB.
Our Customers
Hydra Products have been successfully used by more than 170+ telecommunication companies and service providers in 20 countries around the world since 2007.
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