Multiservice Telecom Providers
Automate, Integrate, Digitalize Your Business Processes with Hydra's Flexible, Open OSS/BSS Solution and Services.
Hydra provides the complete OSS/BSS platform to resolve all the challenges a multiservice telecom provider has to deal in terms of billing processing and delivering services.
Unable to Introduce New Service
- Time-to-Market
- Limited resources for in-house development
- Monolithic legacy system or set of non-integrated systems
- High risks
Unable to Integrate Current Billing System with Network Equipment
- Missing RADIUS / DIAMETER support
- Missing API integration
- Inflexible provisioning
Manual Business Processes
- Missing BP Automation
- No self-care
Suffering Partners
- No partner portal
- Manual or inflexible partner processes
Create New Offers Quickly and Market Them Efficiently
New Products
- Introduce triple play and quad play bundles: data+TV/OTT+telephony+mobile
- Plans with quotas / FUP
- Quota extension
- Plans with time intervals
Marketing Tools
- Paid extras
- Contract plans
- Individual offers
- Limited time offers
Self-Care Portal
- Subscription management
- Online payments
- Recurring payments with credit card
- Recurring payments with Direct Debit
- Download invoices
- Troubleshooting
Streamline and Automate Your Business Processes
End-to-End Automation
- From lead to cash
- Orchestrate all OSS/BSS components
- Online activation of new customer
- Non-linear workflow
- Mix human steps with automated steps
- Watch and schedule your technicians
Easy to Change
- BPMN 2.0 compatible visual process editor
- Rapid web form builder
- Obtain Process Metrics
- Multiple versions of the same BP working simultaneously
- Step-by-step process execution wizard
- Tailor-made interfaces for your specific process
Paperless Processes
- Issue electronic work orders in technician's mobile app
- Collect e-signature from customers
- Same day customer connection
- QA of field works using photos
Best Practices Library
- We have huge experience implementing BPs for wired and wireless ISPs
- We collect best practices from
- New customer connection
- Price plan upgrade
- Technology upgrade (FTTB→GPON, WiMAX→LTE, Wireless→Wired)
- Contract renewal
- Automated dunning
Recommended OSS/BSS Components
Hydra Billing
Rating, charging, invoicing, payments.
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Product Catalog
Products, plans, services, discounts, bundles & promos.
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Provisioning & Mediation
Integrations with BRAS, EPC, softswitches, OTT services, IPTV middleware, IoT platforms.
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Hydra OMS
BP automation, embeddable widgets for CRM and Helpdesk, order database.
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Hydra FSM
Mobile app for field technicians: electronic work orders, e-signature, GPS tracking, bonus points.
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Multiservice ISPs Success Stories
All our products are handmade produced, handmade crafted and beloved. Any product is unique on its own.
All our products are handmade produced, handmade crafted and beloved. Any product is unique on its own.
How We Resolve Your Challenges
Data migration to Hydra Billing
Integration between Provisioning and Network (BRAS, NMS, ACS...)
Medium BP automation based on BPM / ESB
Basic IT architecture consulting
Why Hydra
We bet you 10-to-1 that Hydra Billing System addresses all the challenges you face when launching a new product or connecting new equipment. We have enriched Hydra with a solution to every pain point our customers come with.

Hydra have all the benefits of an out-of-box solution:
  • pre-integrated popular equipment, software and services;
  • ready-to-use price plans;
  • standard marketing automation solutions.
Hydra flexibly adapts to the specifics of your business:
  • individual UI settings for standard operations;
  • changing business logic at run-time;
  • high staff learning rate;
  • lower demands to staff qualification.
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