Prepaid and Postpaid Plans
Hydra supports prepaid and postpaid payment schemes. The account balance renews in real time for either of them (online billing).
Manage Payment Schemes
Set a Billing Period
Set an appropriate billing period for a service: a "Turbo button" can be active just for a few hours, while a billing period of hosting services can be measured in years.
Set a Charging Period
Set the charging period you like—the subscription fee can be charged completely at one time or in increments.

Prepaid price plans commonly charge for the entire subscription fee at the beginning of a billing period.
Set a Deferred Payment
All plans added to Hydra are prepaid by default. To set up postpaid schemes, use settings for deferred payment.

Set the deferment parameters in the price specification, and the billing will automatically provide a customer with a credit limit for the set period.
Apart from prepaid and postpaid plans, our clients like combined schemes of payment, such as:

  • fully prepaid subscription fee, postpaid excess of services included in subscription fee; or
  • subscription fee with a deferment from the beginning of billing period, postpaid excess.
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