Scaling Up Service Providers with Configurable Billing and Automation Solutions
We provide a complete software platform for managing telecommunication and subscription services: provisioning and mediation, billing, marketing and business processes automation, and more. We also offer professional services for implementation, integration and support of OSS/BSS products and digital transformation of the businesses.
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years of market experience since 2007
countries where Hydra is installed
customers around the globe
software engineers creating, implementing and supporting Hydra round the clock
multilingual Tech Support
integrations with software and hardware products of various vendors
What We Do
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Billing & OSS/BSS
Automation and Digital Transformation
Professional Services
Billing platform fully packed with pre-integrated yet replaceable modules
  • Billing System: Rating, Charging, Invoicing
  • Provisioning and Mediation
  • Payment Processing
  • Revenue Marketing Tools
  • Self-Care, Customer Care, Partner Care Portals
Complete product stack to automate digital service providers
  • Order management and business processes automation
  • Business processes builder
  • Simplifying execution flows
  • Integration-centric extendable system
In-depth expertise and best practices for smooth implementation and performance
  • Product-related services: Implementation, Integration, Tech Support and Training.
  • Automation services for ISPs and digital service providers of various sizes.
  • Consulting in OSS/BSS, enterprise IT architecture, BPMS and ESB areas.
Our Customers
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Implementation of Hydra Billing at Zoom.
Improved efficiency of customer onboarding processes at Rostelecom.
Automation of individual marketing offers at Sber.
Implementation of Provisioning Module into the VEON in-house billing system.
Implemented in 22 Countries
Meet Our Team
Dmitry Koplovich
Founder, CEO
He co-invented Hydra and founded the company when he was 24. Holds a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics. Has a deep interest in creating software, languages, and fine art.
Nikita Petrov
Chief Technical Officer
Knows Hydra from the very beginning. Holds a PhD degree in Mathematics specializing in Queuing Theory. Fond of automating everything, mountain skiing and piloting airplanes.
Anton Kondratyev
Chief Commercial Officer
He has more than 15 years of experience in the telecom industry as a C-level commercial manager and IT engineer. Has developed strong business relations with companies from 44 countries. Likes cars and traveling a lot.
Nikita Shilnikov
Head of R&D
He has been developing information systems for over 10 years. Architect of OSS/BSS solutions at Hydra. Developed software products serving millions of customers. A frequent IT conference speaker and open-source enthusiast. Likes typography and programming.
Artem Efimenko
Head of Technical Support
Holds a Master degree in Radio Engineering. Has 10-year experience in developing broadband line-of--sight radio systems for international customers. Inspired by domestic tourism with his family.
Pavel Vinogradov
Head of Implementation Team
Excellent at bringing a right solution for any non-trivial customer demand. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering with a Master degree. Interested in marketing and business processes automation.
Oksana Lyubeznova
Head of Customer Care Department
Has gained a solid technical background as an IT engineer and system analyst. Perfect at new customers onboarding and handling customer issues. Skilled in playing piano and baking unbelievably tasty cookies.
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We welcome both experienced and prospective IT developers and smart sales representatives to join our team globally.
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Hydra is a fast-growing billing and automation software developer with worldwide presence. We offer a complete product stack for telecom and digital service providers to maximize revenue and level up their customer service.

We are proud to have acquired best IT engineers and developers for creating market-winning products and providing excellent support and service.

Hydra is a highly specialized vendor. We have found our niche on the market, grow steadily and show high investment return potential. We welcome investment and collaboration inquiries from the private investors, investment funds or strategic partners that share our commitment to long-term growth, technical excellence and development of innovating products.
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