WAW Telecom
An African telecom startup reached out to us as the out-of-the-box billing solution they launched turned out to be inflexible and could not support the provisioning of wireless equipment. In addition, the company committed to full digitalisation and automation of business processes, a crucial step for further business scaling.
WAW Telecom is an aspiring service provider from Senegal that has been offering broadband Internet access via fiber optic and wireless channels since 2018. The company’s mission is to provide the country’s fast-growing economy with reliable and fast telecommunication services. The founders of WAW Telecom decided that the company’s processes should be completely digital.
  • New services and platforms to grow the subscriber base and ensure a higher service quality.
  • Automated service provisioning of the 4G wireless network.
  • Automated New customer connection business process as well as a number of others to improve service delivery and reduce operating costs.
  • The out-of-the-box billing solution of Waw Telecom did not have the means to integrate and support provisioning for Telrad LTE equipment and LigoWave wireless equipment used in the network.
  • Manual processes were failing to ensure sufficient quality service delivery. Specifically, the user experience was below expectations during a new customer connection: it was too long and complicated.
Historically, the African continent lagged behind the rest of the world in telecommunication development. However, all that changed with the installation of fiber optic cables around the mainland and the arrival of new investment projects. Local providers appeared in African countries, WAW Telecom being one of them. The company approached Hydra with the need to implement a billing system and fully automate the main business processes in a short time.
— Atanas Dimitrov, Chief Commercial Officer at Hydra
Solution and implementation
"The implementation was completed without much difficulty. The main task was to integrate a mixture of several Internet connection technologies used by the company. We already had a lot of experience with all the types of equipment, so the project did not take much time".

— Penko Vinogradov, Head of Implementation Team at Hydra
Universal provisioning approach was introduced instead of the old one, which only supported a limited list of equipment vendors. Now WAW Telecom manages customer access to services automatically for all connection technologies in use.
Using the Apache NiFi tool, we created an XML upload of financial information from billing to Odoo ERP.

We integrated the billing with Telrad BreezeWay EPC via RADIUS protocol.

Hydra was integrated with Senegalese payment aggregator PayTech. This allowed accepting payments through several platforms at once, including Visa and MasterCard bank cards, a popular local e-wallet Orange Money, as well as PayPal.
Business process automation
The new customer connection business process is now fully automated. It is integrated with the Self-Registration Portal on the company’s website.
The implementation project went smoothly, and all questions were promptly and qualitatively resolved by the Hydra team.
Thanks to the Hydra implementation we were able to expand the list of provided services and significantly improve their quality. We’d like to particularly note the payment automation — using Hydra’s functionality, our subscribers can now pay for all the services through our portal, which also simplified the work with our retailers.
— Daoud Gueye, Chief Technical Officer at WAW Telecom
With Hydra provisioning, the company manages subscriber access to services for all the technologies in use. In addition, Hydra’s flexible provisioning allows the company to choose new equipment vendors regardless of their OSS/BSS compatibility.
We helped WAW Telecom integrate Odoo CRM and ERP modules with Hydra.
The automated New customer connection business process and its integration with the website will allow the company to reduce operating costs and expand the subscriber base due to faster and better connection.
WAW Telecom’s marketing capabilities are no longer limited by a small set of built-in solutions, giving the company new opportunities to manage price plans, subscriptions, etc.
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