Rambler came to us with the task of implementing a billing system for charging the time of reading blogs and automating settlements with the authors on the Live Journal community publishing platform.
Rambler&Co is one of the largest Russian groups of companies working in media, technology and e-commerce. With the audience of more than 40 million people a month, the group includes over 40 projects: email service, Rambler.ru as one of the largest portals in Runet, the independent news website Lenta.ru, the socio-political news site Gazeta.Ru, the entertainment and lifestyle Internet portal Afisha.ru, the sports Internet portal Championship.com, the blogging platform LiveJournal.com, etc.


Implement the billing system for rating publications on the blogging platform.
Integrate the system with the Rambler statistics collection service to calculate payments for viewing.
Automate the processes of checking user balances and funds withdrawal.
Solution and implementation
"Our task was to implement a system that would be able to rate publications according to the viewing statistics, and automatically perform settlements with the authors. Despite the non-standard tasks in this project, the implementation was completed in six months without delays or difficulties".

— Penko Vinogradov, Head of Implementation Team at Hydra
Hydra Billing has been implemented to rate the content viewing on the blogging platform and manage the payments to authors of publications based on the time spent on reading them.
We developed the REST API to integrate with the statistics collection service which tracks the total time users spend reading publications, making it possible to automate the payments to the bloggers.

We also used the API to integrate with 1C: Accounting so that the necessary data can be uploaded from the billing in the required form
Business process automation
With the help of Hydra OMS, we automated the Registration Confirmation Business process, when a user selects their legal form from the list of ones (Individual, Self-employed, Sole proprietor, or Legal entity).

Documents submission and confirmation is performed to check the user status, as well as automatic verification of self-employed users via the API integration with the nalog.ru platform.

Also, we automated the Funds withdrawal process, including balance check, report and closing documents generation.
Over the implementation and our cooperation, Hydra’s staff proved to be true professionals who ensured the high quality of the results and were attentive to our requests and wishes. We would also like to mention the responsiveness of the Hydra team to the arising issues and questions, as well as the in-depth information they provided.
Hydra Billing saved us from spending internal resources and time on our development, and we are fully satisfied with the implemented solution.
— Irina Bykadorova, Product Manager at Rambler
The billing system was implemented to automate the rating of content viewing and settlements with the authors of publications.
The REST API was developed for integration with the statistics collection service that calculates payments based on the time spent on viewing publications.
Using Hydra OMS and its capabilities to automate business processes can significantly reduce operating costs and speed up work.
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