Gazprom Neft
Back in 2014, the company contacted us with the need to implement a complete billing system for managing communication services at the Holding’s enterprises. Over several years of successful cooperation, the partnership has expanded, and today Gazprom Neft’s IT department automates business processes using Hydra
Gazprom Neft is one of the three largest oil producing and refining companies in Russia with revenues of 2 trillion rubles in 2020 and a staff of over 80,000 employees. Its headquarters are located in Saint Petersburg. Gazprom Neft has launched a digital transformation project for automating the internal business processes.
  • To implement a versatile billing system for communication services, with the ability to integrate the provider equipment and internal services of the Holding.
  • To automate service provisioning and managing relationships with customers — legal entities.
  • It has become too complicated to manually execute business processes consisting of a large number of steps and involving multiple participants
  • Lack of an automated billing system for managing communication services.
  • The inability to run a number of marketing campaigns due to the limited built-in tools.
  • Comprehensive reporting was required for managing dealers.

We initially implemented the billing for managing communication services provided to internal and external customers of the holding. Recently, Gazprom Neft began a large-scale digital transformation project, and since Hydra, both as a system and as a vendor has proven to be effective, our area of responsibility has been expanded. Now we are working on CRM integration and business process automation for the entire ecosystem of the Holding’s IT division.
— Atanas Dimitrov, Chief Commercial Officer at Hydra
Solution and implementation
Flexible provisioning was implemented, allowing integration with the RP-PPPoE BRAS software via the RADUIS protocol. We also integrated with Meridian PBX to manage telephony services.
The difficulty in integrating with Meridian PBX was the lack of ability to upload the CDRs in plain text format, which is typically available in most PBXs. We added a converter into the script that transforms the CDRs from binary to text format and uploads them to the system.
— Penko Vinogradov, Head of Implementation Team at Hydra
Integration with the CPP Yug payment gateway, as well as payment protocols of Gazprombank, Sberbank and OSMP was done.
Gazprom Neft had an agency contract with Rostelecom which required reporting for telephony settlements in a certain format. For this purpose, an external tool, JasperReports, was integrated, to configure the necessary type of reports, and now the telephony data from Hydra is exported in the format set by Rostelecom.
Business process automation
We are now working on implementing Hydra OMS and automating of a number of business processes — primarily, the customer relationship management process. Receiving and processing requests, as well as connecting a new customer are being automated.
Moving to PaaS
To improve usability, the Hydra products used at Gazprom Neft — the billing, Hydra OMS and CRM — are being migrated from physical servers to the corporate PaaS. Fortunately, we have been running our software products in Docker containers for a long time, so the transfer to PaaS is running quickly and painlessly. Also, to improve the data security, we have rebuilt the containers using RedHat Universal Base Image
Hydra Billing has significantly simplified the work of our employees, allowing us to optimize internal processes. Thanks to automation, the transparency and convenience of connecting services through CRM has increased.
Moreover, I want to highlight the support system: the Helpdesk platform is user-friendly, and all requests are processed promptly.
— Sergey Elyshev, Head of Information Systems Development Department at Gazprom Neft ITO
Business process automation with Hydra OMS has improved the quality of services, accelerated work and allowed botn optimization of internal processes and concentrating resources on priority tasks.
The introduction of Hydra Billing streamlined the management of communication services, charging and invoicing.
Hydra’s provisioning allowed it to integrate with provider equipment and to implement new platforms and services.
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